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Policy of the Foundations

  • If you are know longer able to care for your companion animal you will return the animal to the foundation.

  • If you move you or change any of your contact information you will notify the Foundation.

  • You will keep the Foundation informed on the whereabouts of your companion animal.

  • You will provide your companion animal with veterinarian care and provide the Foundation with medical records upon request.

  • You will allow the Foundation to check on companion animal at momentís notice.

  • The animal will strictly live in the house with you and your family and will not be locked up.

  • You will be totally responsible for all of your companion animal welfare.

Elaineís Foundation for Homeless Felines
139 Fern Ave
Lyndhurst, New Jersey 07071
201- 410-7280
Website: elainesfelines.org


Applying For

Name of Animal:

Special Needs:

Applicant's Information

Full Name:

Phone Number:
Driver's License Number:
Car License Plate:

Household Information

Where Do You Live?

 House              Condo/Apt.          Student Housing
 Mobile Home  Military Housing  Other

If, other Explain:
Neighborhood?  Urban              Suburban          Rural
How long at your present address?
Do You Own Your Own Home?  Yes                  No
Do you rent?  Yes                  No
If, yes Landlord's Name:
Landlord's Phone Number:
Are you planning to move within the next year?  Yes                  No

If, yeswhat are your plans for your companion animal when you move?

If you decide to move in the future, what will you do with your companion animal?

What provisions have you made for your companion animal in the event of your illness or death?

How many adults in your home?

Are there children in your home?  Yes           No

If, yes, how many and what are their ages?
Are all members of your household aware of your plans to adopt an animal?  Yes           No

Are any members of your household allergic to animals?  Yes           No

Where will your companion animal sleep?

How many hours will your companion animal be alone?

Who will be responsible for the animal?

Does anyone in your household smoke?  Yes           No

If, yes, where?

Do you have any health conditions which could restrict your ability to care for an animal?  Yes           No

If, yes, please describe?


How often do you go on vacation:

What will you with your companion animal when you go on vacation?



How long at your present job?
Can you be contacted at your job?  Yes           No

If, yes, work phone #:

Other Animals

Do you have cats?

 Yes           No
If, yes, how many?
Do the cats live strictly indoors?  Yes           No
Are the cats declawed?  Yes           No
Do you have dogs?  Yes           No
If, yes, how many?
Do dogs live indoors?  Yes           No
Other animals?  Yes           No
If, yes, how many?
Describe living conditions of other animals:
Are all animals in your household spayed/neutered?  Yes           No

Name of Veterinarian:
Phone Number:
If no companion animals at this time, have you had any in the past 8 years?  Yes           No

If yes, what happened to them?

(Please list people other than family who you have known for at least 5 years)




Why do you want to adopt an animal?

What type of personality are you looking for?
Describe, if you have you ever had a special needs animal before:
If necessary, how will you discipline the animal?

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